Marketing Minds

Managing research projects that will provide greater insights into how your consumer or customer thinks and behaves. Using well-established, reputable research companies we will initiate and manage the projects; assist in the analysis of the results and develop the strategies that will create practical solutions to meet your customers’/consumers’ needs.

Successful Projects
  • Unilever (Gino Ginelli) - brand and packaging design research projects
  • Tetra Pak - Beverage usage and attitude survey - quantitative
  • SASA – R1m Usage and attitude survey, segmented the sugar market,(Millward Brown – Eric Du Plessis) Qualitative and quantitative
  • SAFVCA – R2m Usage and attitude in SA and Germany, quant & qual (Nielsen’s and MK)
  • Nutritional review – literature survey (Nicus) (University of Stellenbosch)
  • Talbot & Talbot – customer survey
  • Chillisoft Software Solutions - software development training brand research with current and prospective customers
  • Gate & Door Control (GDC) - Situational analysis evaluating the micro situation within the company, the market place and the impact of any macro factors on the business. 
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