Why Marketing Matters?

by Jennifer H. Smith (CMSA)

On LinkedIn the other day, the anniversary of my 4th year of lecturing at VEGA School of Branding came up, it seemed quite a timeous reminder of four good years of personal growth and giving back to society through lecturing into the various degrees and Honours programmes at the Durban VEGA campus. 

It also comes at a time when I’ve decided to re-invigorate my own company, Marketing Mattersmm, and get back to my passion, which is to help companies grow and become great in whatever industry they are competing in.

I have been fortunate in that I’ve had some excellent clients during the time I’ve been lecturing, but have only been able to work with a couple of clients at a time due to the time constraints of lecturing. Now I’d like to give my clients and the process of building up my client base, my full attention. 

In order to start this process, I have reviewed my various promotional tools, like my website, company presentation, business card etc.. I also looked at the various services I offer based on 30 years of experience in sales, procurement and brand marketing with some of the world’s top FMCG and skincare brands, as well as my experience in commodity/generic marketing of agricultural products. 12 of the 30 years have been spent working for myself as Marketing Matters. 

I was pleased to realise that my branding is still relevant and salient, my business card will need some tweaks as will my presentations and company profile, but not many, because I took my time 12 years ago to really give careful thought to what my brand was going to stand for and I’ve worked on it as needed over the years. The one aspect I really had to rethink however is my website. It was actually 12 years old. I love it still, but I know its day is done, so I’ve revamped the look, feel and functionality, but retained the content, because that still remains relevant.  

I’m really happy to say that the new website is launching tomorrow, the 3rd December 2019 so you can go to www.marketingmatters.co.za and let me know what you think. My BCom Digital Marketing students will be very happy to hear this news, they’ve been nagging me for quite a few years. 

Whilst going through this process, it was interesting to evaluate my career and company experience, as I was looking for some stats for the website. I calculated that I’ve been in business for 30 years, I’ve worked in over 34 industries and business categories and sub categories and have created strategies and implementation plans for over 75 clients. 

It was this practical experience that made lecturing academic theory really come to life, but it also means that I am able to harness this combination of practical experience with multiple theoretical/academic models to analyse your brand and company and develop strategies with which to solve the brand and business challenges you are facing at the moment.

If you’re curious about my services please have a look at my website at www.marketingmatters.co.za .   I’d also love it if you would connect with me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/marketingmatters1963

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