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Marketing Methods

A Marketing Training workshop/seminar for Non-Marketing Managers and Entrepreneurs. marketingmattersmm is developing a one or two day training workshop designed to inform managers who work in non-marketing functions about the basics of marketing.

Entrepreneurs will benefit from understanding the basics of marketing as they are often not in a position to employ a Marketing professional. Yet Marketing is a crucial component in the business plan, without which there is no holistic communication with their consumer/customer.

The objective of this marketing training is to develop delegates' understanding of the basic elements of an effective Marketing Mix, thereby creating the synergy between various functions through the value chain, in order to ensure a greater success rate of new product/brand launches, greater innovation, improved return on marketing investment and greater vertical integration of the marketing projects through the value chain.

Availability based on demand

"There are 5 ways triumph can be known;

  1. Those who know when to challenge and when not to challenge.
  2. Those who recognise how to use the numerous and the few.
  3. Those who agree on superior and inferior objectives
  4. Those who prepare to lie in wait for the unprepared.
  5. Those who lead without interference from a Ruler. Those who know these five and the Tao (way), will triumph."


Sun Tzu - The Art of War