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Marketing Mix

We develop and implement marketing strategies and plans from product idea to marketing communication; Taking into account how each element of the Marketing Mix communicates your brand message to the consumer and key stakeholders.

We provide you with expert advice on how to manage the full marketing mix (or the four P's of marketing) for your organisation or brand. The four P's are Product, Place, People and Promotion. We have a cohesive process that is guaranteed to outline your key issues within your brand/business, identifying the Jobs to Be Done, followed by measurable execution plans. We take into account how each element of the Marketing Mix communicates your brand or message to the consumer and your stakeholders. Read more about the 4 P's of marketing. 



Product – no company can even exist without a tangible or intangible product that they have determined consumers have a need for, Or just want! Your branding is an intrinsic part of all the decisions you make about the four P’s and also impacts on the impression you make with your consumer and your banker or investors. Product impacts the production facilities required, skills and competencies of staff and structure of your entire value (supply) chain.

Place – within the Marketing Mix, the Place where your product is sold has a dynamic impact on consumer’s impression of your brand. As a clever Marketer you have to consciously decide where your product will be sold, how it will be distributed, what channels will be used to reach the end user. This decision even includes where you decide to place your offices and production facilities.  

People - who will buy the product? What are their needs? Where do they live? What are their habits and lifestyles that will impact where they will purchase the product and how frequently and why? When researching this aspect of the 4 P’s you will take into account the macro and micro economic factors impacting both your consumer/customer and your entire industry. This would include evaluating the Political, social, economic, technical and legal challenges the industry faces. What are the aspects you have in common with your competitors and where might you gain an edge? In other words we would conduct a Porter’s Five Forces analysis and/or a PEST or SWOT analysis to gain a strong understanding of both the consumer and their place in the market.

Promotion – includes all aspects of communicating with consumers/customers about the product or service, from personal sales to advertising on TV. It even includes the appearance of the building in which the product is either manufactured or provided. The appearance, voice and behaviour of the receptionist are part of this communication. Something Ogilvy calls a 360o brand experience. The various elements of Promotion are effectively putting your overall business strategy into action. It helps you decide what your reception area will look like, if you have one at all, do you brand your trucks, will you deliver the credit card by courier or postal service, etc. Of the Four P’s this is the one most commonly associated with marketing. It could be called the face of marketing, as it is ultimately what the consumer sees and associates most actively with the brand.

"There are 5 ways triumph can be known;

  1. Those who know when to challenge and when not to challenge.
  2. Those who recognise how to use the numerous and the few.
  3. Those who agree on superior and inferior objectives
  4. Those who prepare to lie in wait for the unprepared.
  5. Those who lead without interference from a Ruler. Those who know these five and the Tao (way), will triumph."


Sun Tzu - The Art of War