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Case Studies

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: Ice Cream in Rwanda


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How to Make it in the Soda Industry


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Company Stores vs. Independent Retailers: Clash or Peaceful Coexistence?


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Estée Lauder's William Lauder: 'The Consumer Still Wants and Needs to Be Touched'


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Coca-Cola on the Yangtze: A Corporate Campaign for Clean Water in China


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"There are 5 ways triumph can be known;

  1. Those who know when to challenge and when not to challenge.
  2. Those who recognise how to use the numerous and the few.
  3. Those who agree on superior and inferior objectives
  4. Those who prepare to lie in wait for the unprepared.
  5. Those who lead without interference from a Ruler. Those who know these five and the Tao (way), will triumph."


Sun Tzu - The Art of War